Why Us?

Lets explain how it works… You employ a candidate on £50K Basic starting on 1st January 2011, we charge 18% as a fee.
We have compared a normal model to Incite People recruitment model, so you can compare and choose how you want to recruit.
Payment Date Incite People Other Recruitment agencies
1st Jan £1,800 £ 9,000
3 months £1,800 £0
6 months £1,800 £0
9 months £1,800 £0
12 months £1,800 £0

Many of our clients work on a retained model, which involves a set amount of candidates being placed in 12 month period with a monthly payment. This is a great option for a company which needs to recruit a team without the financial burden of an up front recruitment cost.

To encourage new clients to trial our service we offer package to recruit 4 candidates at any salary level for £15000 + VAT, a monthly payment of £1250 + VAT and unless the candidate stays for 6 months or more we replace them for free. That is the same as us giving you a 100% rebate for 6 months giving you time to make the right decision and to ensure we always place exactly the right candidate.